Prayer Journey Through Geneva


“This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it…” is what we were singing in the car as we started our day today. It was a beautiful, sunny day! Unlike the report of cold and snow. How nice to see the sun, as the last couple of days have been cold and dreary. The hills and mountains were actually clear,  normally there is a smokey haze over them. Perfect day to begin our Switzerland prayer journey!

We set out for Bern, to visit the Red Cross (for James to have his certifications validated). We arrived and were asked to return later when the front desk attendant would be back. We decided to venture out onto the streets by foot to find some lunch. Our first restaurant experience in Switzerland. We wanted some authentic food and we got some! Authentic Lebanese food!!! It was delicious! LOL. We will try again for authentic Swiss food. I guess if cheese and chocolate count, then we have met our authentic food goal. Afterward, naturally, we had to get some coffee. So of course we went across the street to Starbucks! I must say it hit the spot! We then returned to the Red Cross. The man we spoke to said they could not help him at that location; however, gave him valuable contact information with the right people. So we are asking for prayer in this next step.

We then headed to Geneva, praying through the beautiful landscape. We found it so amazing as we drove closer to the France border,  the landscape, road signs, structures & language began to transform int0 French. As if someone came in and did a scene change in the middle of an act of a play. It’s as if Switzerland is in a war with itself, fighting for it’s identity. We speak Shalom over this land, destroying the authority that binds them to chaos! They appear neat & tidy on the outside, but underneath is chaos.

Geneva is a very important place to James & I. We only got a few hours in the city, but plan to return when we can have  a full day there. Geneva is a maze of narrow busy roads with people on foot, on bicycles, in cars, buses & trains. It is indeed beautiful & fascinating. Parks full of young and old alike. Young people visiting and playing soccer, while older men playing life size chess. I believe Geneva is a key city for the Lord & His will for Switzerland!

Our central purpose for visiting this intriguing city today was to see the structure in the picture above. The first picture is of James standing in the gateway to the Old City of Geneva. Dating back to the 1100s. The second picture is of the Cathedral of St. Peter. James has a beautiful compelling personal story surrounding this structure (some of you have heard James’ story about this). In short, James has had a vision of this structure since the day he was saved, when he is in the Lord’s presence (although he did not know what or where or if this structure existed). There is another story surrounding this alluring place, found in the film ‘Let the Lion Roar’ (It was in this film that James saw the structure for the first time, other than in his mind’s eye). In brief, John Calvin came through Geneva spreading the Reformation (as Martin Luther was his mentor), making this cathedral the hub of his preaching. It was a vibrant and prosperous time for Geneva; however, there was one issue for Calvin…the Jews. So he kicked them out of Geneva. The statue you see in the third picture is of the prophet Jeremiah. You can’t tell from this picture, but he is turned with his back to the cathedral. As if he can’t set his eyes on such betrayal.

We felt the weight of Holy Spirit as we walked and prayed around the cathedral. We are asking for more revelation. It was a powerful day and God revealed many things to us.

Please continue to pray….God bless all who visit my paige


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3 Responses to Prayer Journey Through Geneva

  1. Amy says:

    That sounds awesome. The girls and I will continue praying for both of you. May God bless you both.

  2. Lori says:

    So happy to know you both are doing well! I am very much enjoying your blog and look forward to more! Love you Sister!

  3. Melissa says:

    Bless each one of you for your comments and prayers! It makes you all seem closer…
    We miss and love you!

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