Spiders, slugs & cookies…oh my!


Schön (beautiful) day here in Switzerland!

We had the wonderful privilege of spending the day with Hans and Terese, our host parents (the couple that manage our apartment).

Our day began with James making calls to acquire the necessary information needed for his next step to employment. Praise God he got a British speaker on the line that was able to direct him to the appropriate contact. He made a call, as directed, to the secretary of education; however, was asked to call back after 1:30. This gave him time to join me on our balcony, which overlooks a small yard and garden. We were sitting there chatting when our host, Terese, walked by to the garden. She was bent over at the garden for about 5 minutes picking something. She then returned past us as we called out “grüessech” (hello). She stopped and rattled off foreign words to us, and of course we smiled and said “ja, ja“. James asked what she had just picked. “Salat” (salad or lettuce), she said and gestured for us to have some. We agreed and I ran downstairs to retrieve the fresh produce. Terese instructed me to wash well and cut the ends off. I asked her if we could stop into her home after a bit and visit, she responded “ja ja“.  So I ran back upstairs to wash and prepare the beautiful lettuce just given to me. As I was washing the lettuce a huge spider began to crawl out….and then about four slugs….and then a HUGE snail with about three other smaller snails!!! I thought, ok this is fresh from the garden, what do you expect Melissa. I finished cleaning the produce, asked James to find the spider a new home and dumped the snails and slugs outside in a rocky area. Whew…that was entertaining to say the least! And the lettuce was so delicious!!!

We then went for our visit with Hans and Terese. Upon arrival we were offered tea and cookies. We sat and chatted, giggling as we navigated through each others languages. We have discovered that Hans is quite the comedian and always brings out a good laugh. They are so typical of couples who have been married several years. He will say something ornery and she will just shake her head blushing and laugh. We were able to pray for healing of arthritis for Terese. Hans was not in the room when we prayed for her, so when he returned, Terese announced with excitement…”they prayed for me” (in Swiss german of course)! It is so precious being with these two. They are for sure a gift to us from God.

The rest of our day was quickly & wonderfully highjacked by this couple…or by God. You see we had planned to be back at our apartment by 1:30 for the call to the secretary of education and then on our way for a two hour drive to visit a ministry in the North East (whom we can only meet, for now, on Tuesday evening).  I had been asking God to give us an open door with this couple to spend time with them and as we were visiting they asked if we wanted to visit a cookie factory called ‘Kambly’. Hans informed us that we could sample all their cookies and crackers to our hearts delight for gratis (free). “Yes, of course, we’d love to go!”

First, we had mentioned we would like help grocery shopping at a more affordable store. So they took us to an Aldi just up the road. We were so thankful, because we did not even know there was an Aldi so near. And just as in the US, it is so much cheaper than at other grocery stores. But the products are actually local or within Europe! Oh my gosh we were thrilled! We were able to purchase twice as much for half the price. We were even able to get chicken and beef for a very reasonable price. I felt like I found the pot of gold at the end of  a rainbow!

Next, after unloading our groceries we headed to the cookie factory. It was huge! Ok, so for those of you who are familiar with the Osceola cheese factory in Missouri (on the way to Springfield) where you can sample every kind of cheese they offer, well try that but with cookies and crackers! Wowza! It was overwhelming. Shelfs stacked with every cookie and cracker imaginable, all for us to sample. By the end, we both thought we may be ill. Nonetheless it was wonderful, and we left with a bounty of cookies & some crackers. The picture above is of the four of us having coffee in the cafe of the cookie factory. Words cannot express the feeling of joy we had with this lovely couple. We have adopted them in our hearts.

We finished the day with a much needed nap and then homemade spaghetti and fresh slug-free salad!!! Needless to say, no dessert.

Even though we did not fulfill what we had planned for this day, we believe God had a better plan with longterm returns.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. The Lord has made everything for its purpose…”Proverbs 16:3-4

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3 Responses to Spiders, slugs & cookies…oh my!

  1. Bonita Lehenbauer says:

    I am thrilled to see the pictures…especially the one of you guys and the wonderful couple God has provided for you! I know you know, but I have to comment again…they are a gift from the Lord to you two! This is such a tender special gift…probably a life-long relationship. Your stories are so complete…makes me feel like I’m right there with you! Blessings on you both!

  2. Melissa says:

    Aww, thank you Bonita. Yes, we agree, they are a gift and so precious. They had us over for dinner last night and we are going to church with them tomorrow (a very small church, not sure what to expect, but we are excited). They have also invited us to celebrate Easter with them. God is good. And you are CERTAINLY right here with us!!! We love you!

  3. pam price says:

    Wow, you guys, what an adventure you are on. I LOVE reading all of this updates. I feel like I am right there with you. How precious to minister to that poor man who just needed a touch from a person and the Lord and You will touch MANY, MANY more.
    You are in the right place at the right time and I look forward to reading about all that the Lord has in store for you.
    How wonderful that this country believes in natural remedies, if only the US did the same. So much greed.

    Many, many blessings to you both.
    xoxoxox Pam

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