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As I snuggle in for the day, I want to share the amazing events of the last couple days. (I know this is a longer than usual post, but please read through entirety, it’s so worth it).

As promised I will share about our time in Luzern on Saturday and our first church service on Sunday…

On Saturday, we set out for Luzern. We had been there twice already, but not for the true reason we wanted to visit this city. You see we felt early on, that Luzern is where God wants us to stay longterm. As well, the Lion of Luzern is there, which I will share about. We had been looking forward, with great excitement,  to this visit for some time. Our goal was to seek the Lord in this place and discern if this is where He wants us.

As we arrived in Luzern, we realized that Saturday may not have been the most favorable day to visit. It was packed with people. Especially people of Asian descent….Wow, I think all of Asia was there! Nonetheless, our first stop was to see the Lion of Luzern memorial.  This place has been burning in our hearts for months and we were eager to see it.

IT WAS BREATH TAKING!!! More awe-inspiring than I could have imagined.

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Luzern means LAMP or LIGHT.  So this is the Lion of Light! There is a profound and important prophetic word over Switzerland, and in this word it says the Lion of Light will rise again in Switzerland!!! Yes Lord!

In the natural, this memorial commemorates the  300  Swiss Guards who were massacred  in 1792 during the French Revolution.

 “The most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.”-Mark Twain

However, in the spirit there is so much astonishing  symbolism that it literally moves one to tears. This is symbolic of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah with a spear in His side, lying dead. We saw this as a spiritual picture of the church in this nation. It’s LAMP has gone out. After our visit with the pastor on Sunday (I will share the whole story about our visit in a bit), we realize it has even greater spiritual symbolism. The pastor said that the church does not believe in the resurrected Christ. The Lion is dead because He has never risen!!! The Giants in this land are even bigger than we realized. But God…He has the final word.

There were large crowds of people visiting this memorial, but one man stood out to both James & I. An older frail looking man, dressed in grungy dirty clothing. He was sitting alone at the end of a bench, not bothering anyone…just sitting and watching & seemingly waiting. James & I sat on the same bench as this man, we were praying and seeking the Lord about this special place. But the man didn’t say a word or motion toward us. He just sat and watched.


The man in the hat at the end of the bench


We continued about our day. Next, we wanted to see the famous Chapel Bridge of Luzern, (the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, as well as the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge). {On our way we spoke with a family from Iowa City, Iowa, who are in Switzerland for two months on business. It was kind of nice talking with Americans, lol.} The bridge is beautiful and quite amazing. It is a footbridge that spans diagonally across the Reuss River. The views from the river were breathtaking. There were loads of people around the bridge and river area. We thought tourist season must have started early, but then realized it was the time of the “Luzern Festival”, (not sure what all it entails,  basically a whole lot of drinking). We walked around and admired all the gorgeous architecture. It truly, thus far, is the most charming and captivating city we have been in. I am in love with this city! It truly is the heart (center) of Switzerland.


As we journeyed around we realized just how hungry we were, by this time it was 4:30. Well come to find out many of the shops and restaurants shut down around 4:30 on Saturday (unless of course you want to pay the upscale prices of fine dining). We were craving a good burger and fries. So we asked a police officer if he could recommend a place other than McDonalds, lol. He told us of an Irish Pub just around the corner. Sure enough we found it. It was so cool, straight out of Ireland (I thought, I hope this isn’t the closest I get to Ireland, lol) Even the staff and many of the patrons were Irish. The short and skinny is, we had the best burger and fries I think I’ve ever had!!! Oh, and most expensive! $21 a piece! But man was it good!

It was getting dark, so we decided to head back to our car. I suggested we go to the Lion of Luzern memorial one more time to see it in the dark with the lights on it. It was chilly and sprinkling rain by this time. It was just as, if not more spectacular at night. A huge crowd of Asians were there, and just as we came into the area, they cleared out. So it was just James & I…a perfect moment…and then James whispered to me…there is that man. I looked over (my heart cries now just thinking about him) and there was the grungy, dirty older man, sitting in the exact same spot as when we left him earlier…just sitting…just watching, just waiting. I gasped, and we knew we had to talk to him. We went over and commented on how he had been there all day and if he was ok. He just looked at us and nodded yes. James offered him money…he said “perché” which means “why” in Italian. James motioned for him to take it and he slowly & hesitantly took it in his hand. We then asked if we could pray for him (we couldn’t understand him nor he us), by saying Jesus and motioning up. He seemed opened…so James prayed for him and he just watched with  seemingly amazement and then I laid my hand on him and began praying, I opened my eyes and he was looking straight at me with eyes full of tears…he then grabbed his heart over and over again telling us thank you. I hugged him (he smelled as though he hadn’t showered in months) and we both held his hands, they were so cold…we didn’t want to leave but just stay there and show this poor soul some love and warmth. I touched his face and looked into his eyes, my heart just welled up with so much love and compassion for this man, I just wanted to know his story. He patted James on the back and said over and over “Amigo, amigo”. It was so moving. It was so sad yet so beautiful. We were so thankful to somehow bring this man a small portion of God’s vast love for him. We thought about how crowds of people all day passed this man and never made contact. He was starving for love & attention, he didn’t even care about the money…he actually set it down on the bench as if it was of no importance, but human contact and a touch of his Father’s love brought him alive. God’s ways are not our ways and His love is so extravagant…He loves the ones that no else sees (our hearts are forever changed because of this man).  It’s just so profound what happens when we step outside of ourselves. As we walked away, I thought of Simeon, in the Bible, waiting at the temple gate for the Messiah to come. I thought, is this man waiting for the Lion of Light to rise again…watching, waiting.


Sunday morning came and as we got up we realized we lost an hour! It was Switzerland’s daylight savings. Thank goodness my wonderful husband set his phone alarm and it automatically changed time, lol.

We got ready for church and met Hans & Therese at there home by 9;15…drove up to the church…less than a mile up the road. First thing, Hans showed us around the cemetery that sits beside the church, with the church bells ringing behind us (so beautiful how the church bells ring here all throughout the day, as if to say “Wake up, O Sleeper”).

IMG_3406   (Click to watch video)

We were  greeted by some of the congregates as we entered the church. The pastor walked up to us and greeted us in near perfect english (much younger than I expected, found out later that he is 38). The church has a charming interior, with the Ten Commandments in german carved in the stone wall, stain glass windows with pictures of Jesus, a wooden ceiling with one picture…a dove, representing the Holy Spirit. It was rather dark, and cold feeling, but charming nonetheless.

IMG_3407  (Click to watch video)

In total, there was about 25 older members, with one family who had a younger boy. The pastor walked up front and an organ with haunting music began to play. It then stopped and the pastor greeted everyone in german and then read from Genesis 22:1-13. We then stood to sing a hym, sat back down, pastor spoke some, stood to sing another hym, sat back down and then the pastor brought his podium closer to the people (there were at least 10 rows in front with no people sitting in them, only the back 5 or so had people) from up above where he had been standing. He began to preach on the scripture he read earlier in Genesis and related it to the sacrifice of Christ (at least this is what we gathered from our limited German understanding). During the whole sermon it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. During his message I sensed there is a fire in this man wanting to come out…I saw a Martin Luther, a Reformer. We then sang another song, he closed in prayer and then invited everyone for coffee and danishes.

The pastor again greeted everyone as they made their way out. He asked us if we were going to go across the way for coffee and we said yes, he expressed he wanted to talk to us. We got situated and he came and sat with us. He has been pastoring here for 9 years. In short, there is a fire in this man! He shared with us that most of the church and the people of Switzerland are not born again. He told us less than 1%!
There are “free” churches here (not controlled by the state & free in the Spirit) and “State” churches (the government provides the finances and maintenance but regulates everything the church does).  This pastor said if he had a choice he would go to a free church but God called him as a missionary to the state church. Like I said, he has been here 9 years…and you can see he is getting exhausted. He wants to see so much more happening and truly celebrate with life, death and resurrection of Christ.
He said the church does not believe in the resurrection of Christ, or that He is the final sacrifice, and that the Bible is the inspired word of God. As well, the children are confirmed at a young age, no decision made- as he said “artificial salvation”.
He has an assistant who helps part time and believes as the State Church does, so they are worlds apart. This pastor is stepping out this Good Friday and sending cakes in the shape of a Lamb (instead of the traditional Easter egg) to all the congregates with a booklet sharing about the death and resurrection of Christ. This is huge. He is also going to preach on it. Please pray for him. His assistant pastor is going to preach on Easter Sunday the very opposite, in contradiction of this, because he says the people need a choice of what to believe. Unbelievable!

We said, so you are not surprised that God brought us here. He said no I’m not surprised and I’ve been praying the two months for help! This pastor has such a tender heart to shepherd this flock. He has sacrificed much to lead this Body (only God knows truly how much).

This Thursday he is launching the very first youth night! And we are helping him. Please pray. He is so thankful we are here and wants to meet with us again soon. We hope to have an opportunity to pray with him tomorrow morning. We are eager to see what God has planned in this story, He will write the final chapter. We are so excited to be apart of this beautiful masterpiece!

Please pray for God’s Spirit of wisdom, discernment and prophecy be upon us, as well, for His full protection as we enter the enemies territory. Feel free to share with us what God shares with you.

Tomorrow, we head northeast of Zurich to meet with a ministry in that area that is expecting our arrival. Praying for a divine connection and fruitful time.

Praise God for He is good!!!

Thank you for girding us in prayer!! WE NEED YOU!


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  1. Mary patton says:

    I feel I’m right there with you, thank you

  2. Lori says:

    So moving! I can’t put into word how I feel reading your posts. I pray for you all daily. Thank you for being so willing to go where God leads you.
    I love you sister!

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