Dear friends,

Today is day five into our Switzerland journey. We have been overwhelmed in so many ways. God is so beautiful and it is as if we’ve fallen in love with Him all over again. He has met us in such unexpected and surprising ways.

We have joyfully fumbled through the cultural and language differences. Many times stopping to laugh at ourselves. This has already been a humbling experience. As well, and most importantly, it has been a transforming experience. We are experiencing & encountering God in unbelievable ways. We realize just how truly dependent we are on Him. What a wonderful position to be in!!!! Our hearts are so thankful.

Culturally, some differences we’ve noticed. No one, I mean no one is ever on there cell phones!! What??? On occasion we will see someone talking (yes, talking not texting) on their phone, but this is rare. Children are actually out playing and interacting. Adults are out conversing over coffee or while walking. It’s truly a joy to see and so freeing.

We were expecting people to be unapproachable, surprisingly, for the most part people are very friendly and willing to help us. Grocery shopping has been interesting, I have some fun stories. They do things a bit different here. Groceries are expensive, however, cheaper than eating out, so I’ve been cooking. We’ve noticed that at least 9 out of 10 cars are four-door hatch backs. From very nice BMWs to Peugeots. Anyway, I could go on.

The host couple that manage our apartment for their son are so precious! Hans is 81 & Therese is 74. We had breakfast with them the other morning and had a wonderful time with them. We hope to have more opportunities to meet with them. They don’t speak english, so it makes sharing with them very difficult. But I know we will have a chance to pray for them.

We had an amazing day Friday & Saturday. Steve Mallison-Jones had mentioned to us that a team from IHOP was doing a conference in Basel (which is about an hour & a half away). We felt we should go, and we are so thankful we did. The conference was themed “I will pour out my Spirit”. It was hosted by the Basel HOP. We didn’t even know there was a Basel HOP. There is a Bern HOP & Zurich HOP as well (we knew about the Zurich house).The team from IHOP consisted of Allen Hood, Corey Russell and Jon Thurlow. The timing of God is so perfect. Things were without a doubt set in motion. First, God used this conference to confirm His heart for this land and our purpose. Secondly, He encountered us in a powerful and intimate way. We truly felt a transformation on the inside (I believe He was pouring into us what we need for this journey). Thirdly, the most remarkable thing happened. Corey Russell was ministering to people and he walked passed us and then quickly turned around and said “I have to pray for you two”. He asked our names, and when we answered, he looked shocked and said where are you from? We shared we were from the KC area and then he looked even more shocked. He asked what are you doing here, are you here just for the conference? We shared a little about what God is doing and that He has moved us here. He got so excited! And said we are here to commission you! He prayed over us and released God’s fire and commissioned us. All I can say is it was beyond powerful. Like a huge kiss from God! Fourthly, we got to see the Bride of Christ in Europe. It was a small gathering (relatively speaking, from 50 to 150 ppl, depending on the session). It was so beautiful to worship with these believers. There was such a hunger. There was a moment during worship, Jon was singing “Jesus have your inheritance in every nation in Europe” and the Swiss, German, France, Israel, Austria, & Italy flag was being waved! Everyone was worshipping and declaring, It was profound! WOW!

We made some connections and are eager to see what comes of them. We also received an invite to the church in Basel which is involved with the HOP.

God is good!

Sunday was a wonderful day of rest. As well we got to see our beautiful COTR family via live stream. It sure helped with feeling a little home sick to worship with everyone. These are the moments I thank God for technology!

Tomorrow, Monday, we begin our prayer tour, as well, James will visit the Red Cross for advice and hopefully validation of his certifications. Please pray for favor.

We then plan to visit  a ministry in the NE  on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your love and intercession. We appreciate and love you all!

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9 Responses to Hello

  1. James Patton says:

    I am you husband. I love you

  2. Amy Davis says:


  3. Grace Davis says:

    Thank you Jesus!! I really felt that was the Lord’s heart, that’s why I prayed for Him to prepare the believers there for you guys to connect with!! We’re so excited for you guys! Love you two! 🙂

  4. Jeri Lyn says:

    So very glad things are off to such a fabulous start. Know you are missed ~ but where you are supposed to be. God brings you to mind every day & prayers will continue for God’s perfect Timing, Order, Protection, Favor, Grace & Joy ~ Joy ~ Joy! Blessings to you both!

  5. Teresa says:

    Yeaaa! Sounds like things are wonderful! You have taken the first step into your new season and the new thing God is going to do in and thru you. We pray Open doors and right relationships that will help catapult you and further you into your purpose there. We love you and bless you in Jesus name❤️

  6. Melissa says:

    Thank you Teresa! Yes & amen!
    Bless you both as well in all that God is doing there!!!
    Love you!

  7. Mary patton says:

    I got goosebumps reading your blog tonight, I know God is using you for something special. I pray for you both, for your safety , for passing the word to those that are searching for the same as you. Love you both enjoy your new family.

  8. Melissa says:

    Aww, thank you Mama Mary. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for praying for us. God is surely answering.
    I call this couple our “new” family, but there is no one like our family! We love and miss you!

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